Best Kids Movies on Netflix

Kids’ movies are not just in theaters. Netflix, one of the poster boys of the world of streaming, has come with many interesting viewing possibilities for children. Today, Netflix makes it possible for kids to watch many classic and new children’s movies right at home. There are many amazing flicks to choose from, and here are some of the best kids’ movies on Netflix that children can catch.


The flick is a proof that Pixar can sometimes come out with an amazing movie. This buddy movie is about 2 characters going on some trip, which shows the importance of family and affinity for Mexican culture. It has appealing design, memorable characters, a heartwarming tale and wonderful music.

The Iron Giant

Directed by Brad Bird, this 1999 movies flopped when it released but has got a cult following and fandom over the years. This is an animated version of the eponymous book of Ted Hughes that traces the journey of a young kid during World War II and coming across the Iron Giant (voiced by Vin Diesel), a huge metal robot that comes from the outer space. The simple story touches upon the issues of life and death and being a hero.


It is directed by Paul King, and is an animated adaptation of the classic ‘Paddington Bear’. It is about a lovable young bear that makes a trip to London to a high-strung family. Although he continuously makes mischief, the bear enriches the lives of the family members. This is a funny and warm flick that seems to know how to keep children mum for an hour and a half.


This Henry Selick movie might be slightly intense for very young children, but can be appropriate for slightly older kids. This stop-motion-animation flick is fantastic and is about Coraline, a young girl, who finds a hidden door in her home that lets her access an ideal parallel world where seemingly everything goes perfect.


It is a feminist film from 1998, and is the tale of a woman who disguises herself as a man to be able to fight and get in the position of her father. The directors Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook bring the landscapes of Ancient China alive in great detail. The film shows the story of the family and honor of Mulan, and that men do not have any problem when they are unaware that a woman is fighting along with them.

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